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 Server Rules/Offenses

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The Forgotten Council
The Forgotten Council

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PostSubject: Server Rules/Offenses   Sat Aug 02, 2008 4:11 am

This is the Topic on the Rules of our clan server in Jedi Academy. These rules must be followed by every member and guest in the server or they will be punished. I will also add in admin abusement punishments and laming punishments.

Offical Server Rules:

NO LAMING : Laming is attacking a player when his/her lightsaber is off/down. Laming also is considered when you attack a player with there chat window up, it may not do damage but when they come out of the chat window and your still attacking, you will cause damage to them which will result in a lame.

1st Offense: If you lame once you can either apologize or if you don't you will be slept and asked if you know what laming is. If they do then tell them to behave and follow the rule, If they don't know the rules then tell them the rules and after tell them if they understand. If they do, then let them up and tell them to follow it. If they don't understand or are acting like complete assholes then you can leave them down until they understand.

2nd Offense: The 2nd Offense can go 2 ways with 2 different situations. The first one is if they escaped punishment by reconnecting when slept then if you have knight admin you have the right away to sleeo them and telling them about laming, If they reconnect or go into spectator just kick them. The second one is if they they were warned the first time and lame again, then you have the right to either sleep them for 2-5 minutes or just kicking them.

3rd Offense: The 3rd Offense is the final offense which is 2 ways also. If they still are doing the reconnecting shit then if there is a council admin just ban them right there. Other way is if they are still laming after 2 offenses then you kick them, but if you kicked them already in 2nd offense, Ban them.

4th Offense:This is for the leaders with RCON. If the lamer ip changes then go into RCON and range ban there asses so they will not bother us again. If they still can get in after a range ban then there is 2 ways to stop this. Shutdown the server or I've been told to ban there ISP somehow.

*Remember, punishment is the last resource you should use. Try asking the lamer to stop first, if he does not listen, then go ahead with the punishment.

DUEL LAMING : There is laming in a duel. You must wait until your opponet draws his saber, If anytime they turn off there saber on purpose and you hit them, this does not count as a lame because it is there fault for doing it. If you lame in the duel you will not be punished but you could give them a free hit at least to even things out.


SPAMMING : Spamming is not allowed in the server, Nihilus probably has the chat pause on so you can't type rapdily. If they still spam with it i mean they wait for the pause the keep spamming then there is only 1 way to stop it and its for the admin to silence them. Tell them if they will stop, some people are smart and they will change there names to yes or no. If they write other stuff leave them be until they are ready. Spamming is saying something repeatly and they won't stop. I will say if they reconnect to get silence out, let them come back and if they spam again kick them or ban them, We should have a ZERO-TOLERANCE on Spamming.


SWEARING : Swearing is allowed. But do not use it exesively. Also do not direct it to another player. If you do this you will be silence or kicked.

RACISM : You may not be a racist on the server. If you do this you will automatically be banned, If you are a EFK member you will recieve a 24 hour ban from the server.


ADMIN :You may not ask for admin, If you ask for admin you will recieve a 24 hour ban from the server. Admin is given out to those who have loyalty and respect in the clan and are very trustworthy.

ADMIN ABUSING : Admin abusing is using a admin command on a player for no reason. If you do that then a higher level of admin will take action. There is 3 Offenses to this and will be explained.

1st Offense: You will be Warned once about admin abusing and you will recieve a kick from the server. Passes may change.

2nd Offense: You will have your admin banned for 24 hours. Passes may change.

3rd Offense: A Leader will go into RCON and permanetly ban your admin and will never be trusted with admin ever again. Passes may change.

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Server Rules/Offenses
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